Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spring 2009 Fashion Week Part Deux - Zac Posen Golden Goddess

Zac, Zac, Zac, while I am never surprised by his creativity and solid artistic vision, I must admit that I was elated to see an emphasis on the nail palette of Zac's models. Zac is always ahead of the curve in ideation and for spring 2009 he will not let us down. His models sashayed down the runway with an exclusive custom made polish color from Deborah Lippman. The sleek shade was conceptualized by Posen and created by Lippman for a unique look that would complement and accessorize his collection. If I have to say so myself, this was one of the best designer/beauty collaborations for the season. They were dead on with the color palette and truly painted a picture of this goddess of modern day - this new woman on the go and with the 'glow.'

Not only did Lippman create this fantastic golden shade, she also mixed 2 colors from her fall collection, What Ever Lola Wants and Icing on the Cake (to be launched next month). Chic and sassy were the ladies of Posen and the uber cool purple lipstick was to die for! And as a side note, fret not my pets as Lippman is slated to launch the custom shade in her spring 2009 collection - if that happens you will definitely be the first to know!


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