Monday, September 15, 2008


What can I say? This was the fastest summer EVER. The days and nights simply flew by; I anticipated spending a significant amount of time writing and getting readers, but my time always felt limited! Well no mas~! I am back after enjoying the last days of the 4 day work week and hanging out with fam and friends. We will get into the swing of things this week, with updates from Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 Fashion week and new fall product launches.

I know I still owe you that promised review on the Zoya fall metallic collection and I will deliver! In any event, yesterday I made my weekly trek to Nails & More on 98th and Broadway and delved right into fall colors - Lincoln Park After Dark for my nails and Wicked for my toes. I was so ecstatic to not be blinded when I glanced down at my nails.

I told you guys before that fall is here and I am soooo ready to take it on - in full color~!


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