Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inverted Manicures. They're backkkk and Chanel Iman is fierce in Black~!

Last fall we were all over the inverted manicures - white cuticles and dark nails was the IT look. Whether it was done professionally or not, it was a hot trend and definitely added spunk to any look. On my 25th birthday I paired a white cuticle with OPI INK colored nails. My outfit consisted of dark navy and black sequence French Connection top, Madison Marcus sleeveless jacket and shiny spandex pants from American Apparel - if I must say so myself I was fresh 2 death!

But I was most excited about my nails. I sat in the salon for almost an hour with the nail technician explaining to her exactly how I wanted my nails to look. How much white I wanted to show and whether it should take the natural shape of my nails or be a little bit more triangular in shape. While it was fun for that week, I thought the look would die hard! If you didn't have the right person creating this masterpiece for you, it just wasn't fun.

As you can see in the piece the look is back in all its glory and Chanel Iman is fiercely wearing it~! This fantabulous spread, yes fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous) featured in the Fall 2008 Time Style & Design supplement is absolutely exquisite! I mean check the stance as Iman poses off in YSL embroidered pants.

What intrigues me most about Chanel is her level of professionalism and maturity - it totally shines through. One of the most coveted models in the game right now this young firefly has had the opportunity to grace a many of catwalks wearing the sickest

outfits of our generation. Not to mention if I had the chance to get my hands on the embroidered Bottega Veneta silk coat I think
I might just kale over and take my last breath~!


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