Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Metallic Attack~!

Normally, you save the glitz and the shimmer for the Holiday season or that fancy black tie event you might be so lucky to receive an invitation to -well that was back then and now ladies wait no more for those special occasions! Metallic nails are the new it shade for fall and can be worn at anytime, for any event and during any season. The best thing about Metallics is that the color pigmentation is usually deep so only one coat is required - which means less time for you to dry and more time for you to show off your haute nails.

Classic Metallic color palettes for fall are Champagnes, Bronzes, Silvers and Pewter or Silver/Gold if you will. All shades work can function as neutrals and will match almost anything - and for those of you afraid to try color, Metallics provide the perfect opportunity for you to dibble and dabble just a bit before you completely take the venture into the 'color' side.

Because I consider myself a nail dare devil and have probably tried shades that most people wouldn't dare, I have below my top three reasons why you should go for the Metal glow:

1. Add pizazz to a monochromatic outfit with a burst of sheen.
2. Because Metallics, are bright they give nails the illusion of length.
3. Simply put - it's Chic.

So girls, get your head out of the 'dark' clouds and walk into the 'light' - this is something I encourage you to try at home~! To get the look try the following paints:

Champagne /Bronze
OPI Designer Series Classic
Orly Glitz
Sephora OPI Fancy Schmancy
Stardust Deborah Lippman
Chanel Kaleidoscope
Essie Steel-ing the Scene

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inverted Manicures. They're backkkk and Chanel Iman is fierce in Black~!

Last fall we were all over the inverted manicures - white cuticles and dark nails was the IT look. Whether it was done professionally or not, it was a hot trend and definitely added spunk to any look. On my 25th birthday I paired a white cuticle with OPI INK colored nails. My outfit consisted of dark navy and black sequence French Connection top, Madison Marcus sleeveless jacket and shiny spandex pants from American Apparel - if I must say so myself I was fresh 2 death!

But I was most excited about my nails. I sat in the salon for almost an hour with the nail technician explaining to her exactly how I wanted my nails to look. How much white I wanted to show and whether it should take the natural shape of my nails or be a little bit more triangular in shape. While it was fun for that week, I thought the look would die hard! If you didn't have the right person creating this masterpiece for you, it just wasn't fun.

As you can see in the piece the look is back in all its glory and Chanel Iman is fiercely wearing it~! This fantabulous spread, yes fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous) featured in the Fall 2008 Time Style & Design supplement is absolutely exquisite! I mean check the stance as Iman poses off in YSL embroidered pants.

What intrigues me most about Chanel is her level of professionalism and maturity - it totally shines through. One of the most coveted models in the game right now this young firefly has had the opportunity to grace a many of catwalks wearing the sickest

outfits of our generation. Not to mention if I had the chance to get my hands on the embroidered Bottega Veneta silk coat I think
I might just kale over and take my last breath~!

Spring 2009 Fashion Week Part 3 - Rodarte for the Heart

The common beauty thread for Spring 2009 is natural with a kick of UMPH~!

The Rodarte sisters' collection for the season was rough and ready. Models glided down the catwalk into the future wearing cut out footless stockings and Grecian inspired dresses. Though the pieces were a bit costumey, the overall effect was posh and sophisticated. The beauty palette created by Deborah Lippman for nails and M.A.C for make-up worked the scene as the ultimate accessories to complete the look.

Ironically named Fashion, Lippman painted the sandy color polish on nails of Rodarte models. A perfect complement to the beige/peach pieces in the collection. Unlike nail trends of past seasons - brights, pastels, loud- earthy tones ruled the runways for 2009. I don't know about you all, but I think this time around I might be ready for the change. Come spring 2009 you just might see me strutting down the block in the new funky neutral shades of the season.

Spring 2009 Fashion Week Part Deux - Zac Posen Golden Goddess

Zac, Zac, Zac, while I am never surprised by his creativity and solid artistic vision, I must admit that I was elated to see an emphasis on the nail palette of Zac's models. Zac is always ahead of the curve in ideation and for spring 2009 he will not let us down. His models sashayed down the runway with an exclusive custom made polish color from Deborah Lippman. The sleek shade was conceptualized by Posen and created by Lippman for a unique look that would complement and accessorize his collection. If I have to say so myself, this was one of the best designer/beauty collaborations for the season. They were dead on with the color palette and truly painted a picture of this goddess of modern day - this new woman on the go and with the 'glow.'

Not only did Lippman create this fantastic golden shade, she also mixed 2 colors from her fall collection, What Ever Lola Wants and Icing on the Cake (to be launched next month). Chic and sassy were the ladies of Posen and the uber cool purple lipstick was to die for! And as a side note, fret not my pets as Lippman is slated to launch the custom shade in her spring 2009 collection - if that happens you will definitely be the first to know!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Spring 2009 Fashion Week Part 1 - 3.1. Phillip Lim Natural Beauty

I haven't even started my fall shopping yet and I'm already focused on Spring 2009, but that's the way it goes in the world of fashion and beauty - 15 steps ahead, never 15 steps behind! And who else would lead the charge for 2009, none other than Phillip Lim of course. For his Spring collection models were 'made up' by lead makeup artist Ayako, International makeup director for NARS - btw NARS is my absolute favorite cosmetic brand. Ayako chose a chic natural beauty palette to coincide with Lim's earthy looks.

Fashion week favorites, Creative Nail Design, created a special shade of bronze polish to cap off the look. The color acts as a neutral complementing every outfit in the show. CND, it's an absolute must that you create this color for the masses! It's a MUST have.

Monday, September 15, 2008


What can I say? This was the fastest summer EVER. The days and nights simply flew by; I anticipated spending a significant amount of time writing and getting readers, but my time always felt limited! Well no mas~! I am back after enjoying the last days of the 4 day work week and hanging out with fam and friends. We will get into the swing of things this week, with updates from Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 Fashion week and new fall product launches.

I know I still owe you that promised review on the Zoya fall metallic collection and I will deliver! In any event, yesterday I made my weekly trek to Nails & More on 98th and Broadway and delved right into fall colors - Lincoln Park After Dark for my nails and Wicked for my toes. I was so ecstatic to not be blinded when I glanced down at my nails.

I told you guys before that fall is here and I am soooo ready to take it on - in full color~!

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