Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tractor Trailer

So I looked down at my nails this afternoon while writing up this proposal at work and to my dismay it appeared as if a tractor trailer (OK I know I am exaggerating) ran over them~! Uneven, slanted on the right, chipped on the left side on and on ~ just a hot mess. I pulled out my file and buffer to immediately rectify the situation and for now it will have to suffice; until my Friday ritual of a Manicure and Pedicure at Nails and More on 98th n bway.

To say the least, I want to prevent you from gasping for air in the middle of the afternoon as you take a glance at your hands. Here are some quick tips to avert you from a mid-afternoon tizzy ~ created by me of course ~ professional commentary to come later; I did just create this blog you know :)

  1. Carry a mini nail file and buffer with you at all times -that way you can be sure to maintain a beautiful nail appearance and repair snags and chips like a professional.
  2. Try a coat of clear polish once a day. This will keep nails strong to minimize breakage and a little bit of shine doesn't hurt either.
  3. Push cuticles back to create cleaner lines on the nail bed. Trust, it will help nails to appear much neater.
  4. Moisturize cuticles to prevent the skin from breaking.

I myself missed my own tip and failed to put a clear coat on once I removed the color. Just make sure you follow the above and don't make the same mistake.


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