Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fly High to 90210

As I caroused the Internet today checking for the latest and greatest in nail enamel options I stumbled upon two cool launches that were both worthy of sharing.

According to British Vogue, UK based cosmetic company USLU Airlines has teamed up with French designer Bernard Wilhelm to create a funky line of polish colors named after famous international airports abroad. From MBX (Maribor Slovenia) to BEY (Beirut International Lebanon) and available in 6 awesome colors it's the easiest way to get your trans-Atlantic fix. Polishes can be purchased at or Prices are in Euros, but polishes are about $35 a pop.

By now we have all heard that the CW is creating a spin-off of the famed 90's TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 and as briefly told to the world by NYLON Magazine, our beloved friends at OPI have decide to launch a limited edition line of polishes after the old crew. I can only imagine what types of names the colors will have; maybe even Prudy Petudy Donna will have a tout - and we would hope so considering how the real life Donna is vying for her piece of the re-creation pie. Details have been a bit mum on this front, but I'll be sure to post an update as soon as more informacion becomes available :).


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