Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Been A Longtime....


I shouldn't have left you! My goodness what a couple months this has been. I've been on my grind working on a special project which will, with the blessing from the lord, be ready in 6 months time. You will be the first to know trust! In any event, let's see who's been nailing it these past couple of weeks:


So in true NY fashion, my Yankees took home a World Series win for 2009! I've been telling folks that this year was going to end with a bang and 2010 was going to be an even better one so let's hear it for my boys in stripes and say THANK YOU for nailing it in 09! And ladies, in true nail it fashion if you want to support our boys for the rest of November, pay them a lil blue homage with Essie's Midnight Cami - it's a sure winner.


So, I know all of you are annoyed with Rih Rih right now and her 'victim' behavior, but as always my boo is NAILING it with her music and fashion swag. I'm not sure if I am on the bandwagon of her being a devil worshipper because of Russian Roulette - I think the song is FIRE! I've related it more to being in love with someone and them hurting you're heart vs. her really wanting to kill herself. FAIL.


Folks have been sleeping on Amerie since her first album All I Have and let me inform you all at once, she NAILS it! I don't think she gets enough play from the radio stations and her A&R sucks big time, but my girls ballads will definitely have you feeling like she was in your head or reading your diary as she belts out tunes that all of us can relate to. I mean I am still on "It's this one thing that got me trippin/it's this one thing that got me trippin you/this one thing the song made me feel it/its this one thing you do ohhhooohhhhh." My homeboy and fellow bison Kareem James just did a sick fashion spread with Ms. Amerie in complex. To read more about that check out


Nothing to say. See for yourself....

Those are just my picks for now. I'm sure there are many more who are nailing it, but I've had my eye on these four for some time now. I'll be back with some more tidbits and news. And it definitely won't take 2 months for me to make it happen yo prometo ;).


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