Monday, November 23, 2009

AMA's 2009 - I'M SO HARD

Well, well, well. Last night was pretty eventful I must say. The Eagles won the game, my boo Shakira is back and Whitney Houston has definitely had the comeback of the year. The 2009 AMA's were full of excitement and great performances. Of course without a doubt, my babygirl Rihanna freaked it! I know, I know, she is not the GREATEST performer out there, but she looked amazing and when the lights went down and her shoulder pads started to flicker with laser beams, I was sold! I need a jacket that does that now lol.

J.Lo put on her Louboutins and showed us, despite busting her bums on the stage, that she has still got it. I thought her performance was super cute and the way she changed her outfit on stage in the seat was real slick. Go Jenny.

Mary, as always, looked nice and sexy for her age. She will always and forever be the Queen of Hip Hop. Her ballads have helped women through many a trial and tribulation; her new sense of self appreciation through song is right on time!

The J the A the N the E the T the T the T the T its Janettttt hold up. Its Janetttt! Janet ripped the stage last night. At 43 Ms. Jackson is still killing us softly with her dance moves and grandiose performances. She looked amazing on stage and she still has it. Her tribute at the end to Michael was heartfelt. I wonder if everyone got it, "everywhere I go, every star I see, I know you are there, smiling back at me." We miss you Mike.

Lady Gaga is so weird, but it makes so much sense for her. No one else could pull off alienesque foam coverings over their shoes and face the way she did and make it look hot! Breaking the glass bottles over the piano keys was a unique touch to her performance.

Shakira, Shakira, Shakira - you better WORK. This Colombian/Lebanese beauty is back with a vengance and looked killer on stage in her Balmain dress. Though the step sequence had me feeling like I was watching my Sorors work it out on stage, it was ubercute and added edge to the performance.

All I can say about this performance is you go Whitney! This woman has persevered through a lot. No, her voice will never sound the same, but you name me one new female artist that can withstand what she has been through and still have people on their feet and in tears! Whitney is the ish and she will always and forever be just that.

These were just a few of my favorite performances by some of my favorite women. Check back for the fearless in fashion flicks.


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