Thursday, August 20, 2009


AHHH YES!! As always and I admitting this whole hearted-ly, as a true HARLEMITE, Jigga Man NAILS IT with this video. The styling, the concept, Kanye, my fellow Bajan Princess RIHANNA I mean what more could you ask for? I must say that I am so glad to see Rihanna MOVING in the video. I mean she is super stiff (too used to whining instead of bopping), but her entire swag is PHENOMENAL.

I'm obsessed with the girl honestly! The stylist for the video set nailed everything! Rih's hat in the scene where she, Jay and Yeezy are on stage give off the I'm that b*T(H feel! I love the simplicity of Jay and Yeezy's get-ups. They're not competing with Rih nor the rest of the crew. They also did a great job nailing the outfit changes for Rihanna - that was actually interesting to see her look change throughout.

Overall I give this video a funky, fabulous NAIL IT 10!

What are your thoughts?

"Victory's within the mile/almost there don't give up now/only thing that's on my mind/is who's gonna run this town tonight?"


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