Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I think in all of the years of my obsession with fashion, I have NEVER heard Ms. Wintour speak! I actually think this was a great interview for her to have done - it showed that she can be witty, she can take a joke and everything in her life is not always que serious!

I appreciated her honesty in saying that though she is not the devil she is "very decisive, knows what she wants, and sometimes that's not what other people want to hear....." ANNA I am on your SIDE. For those of us that can be direct, honest, forward, confident, slightly arrogant from time to time, maybe even a little conceited, it doesn't take anything away from our sensitivity.

Not to mention, her haircut - BANGIN! So blunt and flowly at the same time and her swag is unmatched. Who walks onto the David Letterman show with shades?!?! Loved the dress and baubles. Overall Anna Wintour NAILED IT!

Can't wait to go see the September Issue. In theatres Friday, August 28th. Don't miss it.


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