Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Freaks Come Out At Night

And their nails are undoubtedbly fabulous! My favorite brand, OPI, has launched a mini Halloween nail collection dubbed Get In-Spider-ed that features four fun shades for the Halloween season. The mini nail kit not only includes fun decorating tips, but super cute nail decals as well. The four colors are indicative of the typical goony goon palette of Red, White, Orange and Black - except the fun factor here is the white shade, The Ghostess with the Mostess, apparently glows in the dark. The other shades have been done before Spiderella = OPI INK, Heeeeere's Jack = Brights Power and Red-y to Strike = The Thrill of Brazil.

If you definitely have to add to your collection, as I will without a doubt, I'd 100% go for The Ghostess with the Mostess - it's a must try!
Check www.opi.com for information on Halloween nail decorating tips.


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