Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beauty to the Rescue

When it comes to one of the best high-end polish lines on the market, Ji Baek's Rescue Beauty Lounge is a clear winner. My personal favorite - Concrete Jungle - glides onto the nail so lusciously, you only need one coat to acheive mani-perfection! Well, my pets get ready for luxury this fall with the new fall color launch from Rescue.

In an ode to our current political state, No More War, is a must wear on your way to the polls. If you can't make a statement any other way, your nails can do the talking for you with this creamy army green.

Once you've casted your vote (goooo BARACK!!!!) switch up your look and slap on Teal to add instant spice to any outfit - this is a great color for those who aren't so comfortable with making loud fashion statements, but don't mind colorful hands. The Teal would look amazing on olive toned skin complexions and I cannot wait to try it. For all the 'Basic Betty's' out there, Ji didn't forget you and re-launched the neutral pink Plies.

And in true fall fashion Bruised is the 'just right' purple, not too light and not too dark, to keep you on trend. Have fun with color this fall/winter and always remember that Beauty is to the Rescue :).

P.S. Concrete Jungle (much darker than how it appears to the right) is not a part of the collection, but is a definite must have for fall. I encourage you to try it and get into the swing of things with this fantastic shade of grey. And did I mention, grey is one of the hottest colors for the season - so pick this up and don't get left out in the cold!


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