Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Know You're a Beauty Junkie When...

....As soon as you arrive home you check your mailbox for Sephora's Fall beauty issue~! I arrived home this evening and opened my mailbox to retrieve my Sephora Fall beauty issue-as I knew it would be there waiting for me ;). I am always excited about the new looks and product options they provide and gosh darn-it Sephora is my FAVORITE place on earth - well one of them.

I LOVE the fact that I can consider myself a Beauty Insider because Sephora said I am~! To my hearts desire, as I flipped through the Fall issue just 5 pages in, was this page on Sephora and OPI's new nail enamel line! The collection includes 54, yes I blinked twice as well, 54 shades. 6 new shades for Fall range from bold Beige to winey-Red. I can't wait to get my hands on the collection and try it out for you all. Product review soon to follow~!

...You dash to the beauty wall at drugstores. My second love affair is with the drugstores around the city, namely CVS. Without fail everytime I walk into CVS or any drugstore for that matter I sashay directly to the beauty wall to check out any new or old beauty offerings. Yesterday I had to pry myself away from purchasing, for the second time, 2 OPI polishes from last season, Black Onyx and Russian Navy (maybe i'll purchase them next week). I love the colors and they are still very relevant for the Fall season!

...You believe that your nail polish is an accessory to your look. I believe this WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. I mean there are often times when you may feel like your entire look is not complete if your nails are bare or chipped or just not the right color. Color accessorizes our outfits. It adds that final touch to the overall look we are aiming so high to achieve.
I believe all women should consider nail color to be a part of their entire look - not just the bag and the shoes. I want to hear "I love your nail color" just as much as I love to hear "What a great bag!" Beauty is the ULTIMATE accessory and nail color should be number 1.


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