Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad Day in Fashion History


Today is a sad day. It's beautiful outside, the snow fell last night and I am alive and well, however, today is still a sad day. The Fashion world has lost one of the most coveted and visionary designers of the 21st century - Alexander McQueen. McQueen was a risk taker and a dare devil, never afraid to let his own light shine and be himself (a note to the rest of us to thine ownself be true) in this usually commercially driven realm of fashion. It's sad to know that someone can feel so lost, down, depressed, unloved and unwanted that they decide life is no longer worth living. Reports have stated that McQueen's mother passed away a few days ago and I think any of us who have close relationships with our mothers can attest to how he may have felt, but something else was plaguing this man. I pray for him and for those around him who genuinely cared for him as a person, not just a well noted and world renowned designer.

We're going to miss out on all the things this man would have been able to achieve and accomplish in our lifetime. I purchased my first pair of McQueen shoes last year and I am so happy that I did - a very unusual pair for him to design, dainty with a bow and rose pink. I sashayed around the dance floor with them on all night and it felt good! RIP Alexander McQueen. You will be missed.


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