Monday, July 27, 2009

Kelly's A Fashion Force?!

I am still baffled at the fact that Kelly Rowland was a co-host of the Bravo TV show The Fashion Show. AS IF! It's like everyone all of sudden knows so much about fashion, but really they have no CLUE! I can't believe that the show was based on such commercilization of the industry. I mean yes, people want to buy clothes, but sometimes fashion is to be misunderstood; its not to be worn and its not for everyone period. Somethings are to be cherised! I mean Rico's feather dress - AMAZING. I'd definitely wear it to some special occassion or to sashay around the house. I mean hell we have one life right - why not wear it to the grocery store too. Needless to say the watering down of the industry MUST STOP~!

The best thing Kelly has done for me lately was rocking well manicured bloody red painted nails. It's such a classic look and works well with all skin tones. This she nailed. The Fashion Show, mi na know.

Ladies if you love red, but just aren't sure which hue is right for you, here's 2 quick tips:
1) A red with a more orange base-warmer- works well on fair to medium skin tones (Essie's Fifth Avenue - fab red/orange color looks great on toes as well)
Fifth Avenue
2) Go for a cooler red-with a blue base- if your skin is medium-to dark (OPI's Got the Blues for Red or Rescue Beauty Lounge's Chinoise - which I am rocking right now)

You can thank me later. Nail It ;).


milkencookie said...

When did she becom a fashion guru, I don't get it, you have a stylist now all of a sudden your the expert.

Nail It 10 said...

hahah totally agree! i'm still confused!

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