Monday, June 22, 2009

Where was the MANICURIST?

This past weekend loads of celebs were out and about doing shows and having a blast, but where the hell was the MANICURIST?!? Two of my FAV It girls definitely did not receive the stamp of approval this weekend and normally they NAIL IT!

Mistake 1 :/

Miss Keri Baby what happened?!@ Fierce outfit. Check. Hair. Check. Microphone Check 1, 2, 1, 2, but where was the pop of color on those bare hands? This look should have been topped off with a color that is dynomite. Even an electric blue to match the electric blue patch in her leggings would have done the trick.

Next time Miss Keri let's kick the hands up a notch - otherwise she looked tres fab ;).

Here is an option for the next show:
Zoya Tallulah

Mistake 2 :/

So So, this time you didn't know so. Lately, you have been the queen of funk, risk taking make-up, MINKED out nails, you name it, she's done it. This time I'm just not sure what you were going for. It looks less edgy and more like your fingers got slammed in a door. No bueno mamita. I heart you anyway.

Next time So let's try to add a base color before using the black line and the look will have more appeal. See below for half-moon nail seen at NY Fashion Week in February created by CND.


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